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CRC Training Packages

In addition to the No Bars Training Program CRC provides specialised training to organisations, government departments and community workers engaged in supporting or working with post-release prisoners and families of prisoners. The individual training workshops are tailored to the needs of workers and organisations and provide practical information about the NSW prison system and how imprisonment affects the families and impacts on the post- release needs of prisoners.

For more information on other training packages offered by CRC please call 02 9288 8700 or go to www.crcnsw.org.au/services/training.htm


CRC produces a range of publications and resources for ex-prisoners, families and service providers in a range of community languages. To order free copies of resources you can download an order form contact CRC on 9288 8700 or go to www.crcnsw.org.au

CRC Resources include:

Exit Checklist

The Exit Checklist is aimed at prisoners preparing for release in order to assist an easier transition back into the community. The Exit Checklist has a number of useful contacts and resources.

Getting Out

A comprehensive, full-colour booklet for ex-prisoners and prisoners about to be released, covering everything from making a start, to dealing with Centrelink, to parole and legal issues (162 pages).

Jailbreak Families CD

An audio CD for people with a family member or friend inside that demystifies the NSW prison system and covers issues that may arise from reception to release.

CRC Families Brochure

A guide for families & friends of prisoners to visiting, depositing money, mental health, transport, transfers, video visits and locating prisoners.

The Families Handbook

A guide for families and friends of prisoners in NSW correctional centres, this book provides information on topics such as keeping in contact, caring for children, housing issues, money and preparing for release. With personal stories throughout, this book also provides information on support that exists in NSW and in other states.

The Justice Maze DVD

A free DVD providing information about the criminal justice system in NSW. This resource is aimed at families and friends of people who have been arrested and facing trial and may go to prison.

Visit the CRC website for more information on resources available.

There are over 10,000 people in jail in NSW on any given day.

Approximately 80% of prisoners connect their AOD dependence to their offending behaviour and imprisonment.

60 - 80% of this group were intoxicated at the time of committing their offence.